October 12, 2013

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Bayabas (Salmon Head in Guava Sour Soup)

Individuals who have learned to endure and persevere through the storms of hardships are those who can dance in the rain during a storm. ~Ellen J. Barrier

This is a very healthy dish, no saturated oil and packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and heart healthy fats (omega 3). Good for cold rainy days!

NOTE: The broth is purplish in color because of the purple kamote tops. You may use kangkong or green kamote tops if you don't like to alter the color of the broth. I just love the purple kamote tops, my mom said it's healthier. *wink

2 heads salmon, cut into pieces
1/2 kg ripe guavas (yellow green in color)
3 tomatoes, quartered
1 red onion, quartered
1 labanos (raddish), sliced
7 pcs okra, halved
2 pcs siling haba (finger chili)
8 pcs sitaw (string beans), cut into 3 inch length
1 bunch kamote tops (sweet potato tops) or kangkong
7 cups water
2 Tbsp patis
salt and pepper to taste 

1. Wash the salmon heads with water. Set aside.
2. Wash the guavas and cut in half. Put in a pot. Add water. Cook over medium-high heat.
3. Once the guavas are cooked, place a strainer in a bowl and put the guavas in the strainer. Mash the guavas using a big spoon or fork, adding a little water one at a time to moisten the guava. NOTE: I didn't mash all the guavas. I leave 4-6 pieces in the pot.
4. Pour the guava puree back in the pot. Turn on the heat. Add the tomatoes and onion. Let it boil.
5. Once boiling, add the vegetables (labanos, sili, sitaw, okra) except for kamote tops. Cook for 5 minutes.
6. Add the salmon head. Cook for another 7-10 minutes. Put the patis and season with salt and pepper.
7. Add the kamote tops. Cover. Turn off the heat.
8. Serve hot! Share and enjoy!

1. You can use other fish or seafoods or meat like maya-maya, prawns, or pork.
2. If guavas are not available, you may use other souring agent like tamarind, kamias, green mango, or sinigang mix. If you will use kamias, cut it in half and put it in the broth. For tamarind and mango, you have to boil it until soft. Then mash it using a strainer. Don't put the seeds in the broth. My favorite souring agent is sweet tamarind, we call it "kinapal".
3. You may also use blender to make guava puree. When the guavas are soft, put it in a blender, add enough water into it. Pulse for a couple of seconds or a minute. Strain it using a sieve/strainer. 

Happy day always,


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