Hi and welcome to Wow Life!

My name is Rhea, born and raised in Rizal, Philippines. I have three boys in my life, Larry - my love stuffed muffin, Lowell - my cutie fruity pie, and Liam - my little pumpkin dumpling. They are the reason why I am happy, complete, and blessed.

I'm a proud homemaker, self taught and self proclaimed cook slash chef slash patissier slash artisan, a hardcore Korean drama fanatic,  a paparazzi of different food blogs, collector of food magazines, nature lover, a strong believer of God, caring wife, and a loving mom.

I love to read... I don't like to write... But I always wanted to share... That's the reason why I created Wow to Life. It's time for me to give back and inspire other people in my own simple way... and that is sharing the knowledge I got from my mom - the person I admire the most, my brother Alberto - the person who motivated and inspired me to cook, and my fellow bloggers who selflessly share their delectable creations, tips, techniques and tutorials.

I dedicate this blog to my family especially to my kuya Alberto. Kuya, I will forever cherish the memories that we've shared together. I'll be always thankful to you, your passion inspired me to learn more and strive more.

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