June 5, 2013

Binatog (Boiled corn kernels with coconut and sugar)

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. ~Aristotle

When you're making binatog, you definitely need patience. It's my first time making it and I waited for hours before tasting this simple perfection. Good thing is I used our ever reliable charcoal stove to boil the corn kernels. Try this healthy recipe, you can eat it as a snack or breakfast. Enjoy!
1 kg white corn
1.5 L water
coconut, grated (niyog na mura)

1. Remove the kernels from the cob using your fingers.

2. Put the corn kernels in a large pot and add water. Cook until the kernels are tender and the liquid becomes slightly thick. I just cook mine for 2.5 hours. Note that most of the liquid will evaporate, if the kernels are still hard, add more water. 

3. Mix the boiled corn kernels, sugar, and grated coconut in a bowl.

4. Serve, share, and enjoy!

1. You may add a little salt into the binatog to balance the flavor.
2. You may also use japanese or yellow sweet corn but the consistency will be different because it contains less starch.
3. Try to add evaporated or fresh milk. It will bring your binatog to another level. My kids love it so much.

Happy day always,


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