February 26, 2014

Brownies (by Tous les Jours)

"Count the memories, not the calories." ~Anonymous

We bought the TLJ Brownie Mix last December for 248 Php. We baked it last week and you know what? it is super easy as ABC. Unlike other premixes which require egg and oil, this one only needs water, seriously! I made it using our oven, 180 C for 7-10 minutes but if you're using a microwave, you can cook it for 3-4 minutes for a 700W microwave. To check if it's done, insert a toothpick in your brownie. If it comes out clean, it's perfectly done.

Here is the instruction from the box

I added 55 mL of water instead of 70 mL, why? I want it to be fudgy and chewy. But if you like it to be moist and soft, add 70mL of water. At first, I thought 55mL of water wasn't enough for the dry mixture but miraculously it turned out ok. Put it in a small microwave safe plastic/glass container (if you're using microwave) or baking pan (if you're using an oven). I put baking paper on my pan so that it won't stick. Also, I added some toasted cashew nuts to jazz up my brownies. You can also add marshmallows or sprinkles if you like.

So what's my verdict? Honestly, I like the TLJ Brownies because it's so easy to make, just combine, stir, bake, and tadaaah! you'll have an amazing brownies. It's also convenient, you can bake it in the oven or microwave. Taste wise, it's sweet and chocolaty but what amazes me is the texture of the brownies itself. It's crusty on top but moist and chewy inside (see the glossy, wafer thin top crust in the picture). I love the feeling while munching on this goodness.

Will I buy it again? Hmmm maybe. If my kiddos will ask me to buy it, I will. But if it's just me, I will give a second thought. Why? Because... it's expensive! I made 10 brownies and it roughly cost 24.80 Php each (less the cashew nuts+labor+gas). Yeah, I know this is an imported product and I also know that I'm being frugal again, but I just think that I can make an equally delicious brownies without spending 248 Php (note: this is just my opinion). 

Will I recommend it? Of course yes! If you're a novice baker, or a mom who wants to impress your hubby and kids, or a girl who wants to give something to your bf or soon-to-be in laws, or a friend who is friendly enough to share something sweet to her friends, I recommend you to try TLJ Brownie Mix - it's worth a try. I assure you, your loved ones will love you and they will be bedazzled by your creation.

Happy day always,


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