November 6, 2012

Halloween party

In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too. 
~ Robert Brault

I'm having second thoughts about this post but I really wanna share with you the halloween party held in our home last week. Yes, I know it's too late for the halloween theme this year but... not too late for next year - *wink! ;) 

Lowell, my eldest, did not stop persuading me to have a party. During breakfasts and even during bedtimes he was talking about the party. So to make him happy, I granted his wish. I wanted it to be as simple as possible that doesn't cost too much money and only requires minimum effort and time! I'm not a creative person but because I super duper love my kids, I became one! From the decors to foods to costumes, I did it all! Lowell was my buddy in doing the decorations, he messed up all the stuff I bought! Hahaha! But he's the one who gave me the idea for the decor's design. 

I baked cakes, cupcakes and made some cake pops. Cake pops are chocolate or candy melt coated cake on a stick. I've never tried making cake pops before and this is the first time I tried doing it. It's a little messy for me and requires patience but when you see the result of your hard work, it's like reaching the summit of your Everest. I mentioned earlier that I'm not a creative person but really... I'm proud of my work. Of course! Yay!

I also cooked squid pasta a.k.a. worm pasta because of it's color. I used fresh squid and I'm amazed how delicious it turned out. Just don't overcook your squid so you'll get a melt-in-your-mouth cephalopods. Promise! This was a hit!

I also made embutido (Pinoy style meatloaf) shaped like zombie foot. Instead of steaming, I baked it and brushed with Ketchup and barbecue marinade sauce. No one have the courage to taste nor touch it, but honestly it is far better than the regular embutido. It has deeper flavor and firmer texture. Is it too gross to eat?

Oh.. Oh.. Before I forgot, I also did Ghost Meringues and Mummy Hotdog.

The party was a big success! It was a tiring day for me and my hubby but the joy, laughter and giggles that we shared with our kids were priceless. We'd like to create beautiful childhood memories that our kids will cherish for the rest of their lives. I thank God for making all these things possible. 

... And before the day end, Lowell hugged and told me "Mom, you're the best... This is the best party ever!" 

Happy day always!


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