June 28, 2012

Power Drink

I finished reading the Morning healing habit by Bo Sanchez(1) and it motivated me to become more conscious with my health. I’m still in my early 30’s but I feel that I’m already in my 40’s or 50’s. I always feel tired, sleepy, sluggish, and weak. Yeah I know what you think… I am LAZY! Ouch! Yes you’re right, I am lazy sometimes because I know that being “lazy” has health benefits too (I will tell you why in my future post). But seriously, I have my annual checkup but the result is good. But what seems to be my problem? Am I just being lazy? Or there is a problem which I do not know. 

After finishing Bo's e-Report, I convince myself to start living healthy and what is the first thing I need to do? Discover ALKALINE food and its wonders! To start with, I follow Bo's morning healing habit, and to share with you, here is a very simple and inexpensive power juice you can make in less than 10 minutes.

28 pcs. Calamansi (Yes! This is the only ingredient)

1. Wash thoroughly the calamansi. Organic is better but if you can't find any, you can use the ordinary kind but wash it very well.
2. Slice the calamansi at the side avoiding the seeds. It takes on a bitter taste if you accidentally cut the seeds.
3. Squeeze the juice out with the seeds. Mix up the seeds with the juice to get the pulp around the seeds. Please do not use strainers.
4. Mix the calamansi juice with its seeds using a fork.
5. Scoop up the seeds using a fork.
6. Drink your freshly made power juice and enjoy the experience.

1. Take this every morning on an empty stomach.
2. Take it pure. Don't add anything even water or sugar or else it will become acidic and loses a lot of its healing effect.
3. Take it green. Not the yellow ripe ones.
4. Don't take anything else for an hour. Let the calamansi juices do its work in your body for an hour.

1. Start taking 4 pcs of calamansi on your first day, 8 pcs on your second day, and so on, until you drink the 28 pcs calamansi on the seventh day.

2. Do not buy calamansi for a whole week's consumption or they'll ripen. Remember Rule#3.
3. You can substitute 2-3 lemons if you can't find any calamansi.

Alkaline foods are essential for our health as these wonder foods neutralize the acids and remove the toxins in our body. Did you know that germs, bacteria, and even cancer cells love to thrive in acidic environment? Now that you know, do your part in making your body and immune system strong. Our body is a self healing organism and making your body alkaline gives you the assurance to enjoy life longer and happier. To God be the glory!

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(1)Bo Sanchez is an author, entrepreneur, preacher, celebrity and lay evangelist in the Philippines.

Happy day always,



lianmar said...

amazing, i'll try this... thanks for the tips

Happymom'slife said...

Thanks lianmar! Cheers! :)

potatochef said...

I have been doing it for 3 days and thank God I found your blog because now I know I wasn't doing it right. I usually take the yellow ones because I 'm afraid they would spoil so that would be a waste of my money since I bought a kilo, which I also shouldn't have. I cut it in the middle and used a strainer to separate seeds. Finally, I always forget to wash it. Haha. I hope it still works even if I've been doing it that way. Going to make it the right way tomorrow.thanks for this!

~~Rhea~~ said...

you're not alone potatochef, I also did the same mistakes before. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know many people are also doing this. Thanks. You can also read http://listof8.blogspot.com/2013/07/Calamansi-power-drink.html

jshnrz said...

i never mix it with either metal/plastic fork - it still the same as straining it. remove the seeds then drink it.

~~Rhea~~ said...

Hi jshnrz, I don't strain it. I used fork to remove seeds and not the pulp.

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